Can’t present your business enough through small prints? Brochure marketing might work best for you. With bigger dimensions, it is extremely beneficial to utilize the importance of brochure printing to get such juicy business information across in plain text. Of course, the layout and creative designs are also a part of it.

  • Brochures are of 8.5”x11” in size
  • Can be folded in half (bi) or folded in thirds (tri)
  • Glossy finish on both sides
  • High resolution texts and colors for printing
  • 7-10 days turnaround time for normal orders

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    The use of brochures is very prominent for travel related business which covers from tourist, hotels, things to do in a certain place, outdoor activities and the likes. However, it is also very useful for product and services of all industry types. It is very common in health care field as well as telecommunication products and services, dentistry, health and fitness, counseling and many others.

    When it comes to business marketing, brochure printing is a very essential tool to take full advantage of. It is not like the typical content writing that you need to be very specific with the details. It serves as to be engaging, interesting and in return, can turn a reader into a prospective customer. With the advancement of technology, brochure creation becomes so very easy and inexpensive.

    Through online printing services, you get bulk copies at a lower cost along with rich colors being used, impressive layout design and high quality output. If you need further assistance, B2B Ally can get you started with brochure marketing from consultation, content presentation, to graphic designing and color printing.

    Sample Brochures
    Brochures from B2B Ally are of:
    • High Quality Paper Stock
    • Perfect for direct mailing or office use
    • Vibrant Color Printing
    • Excellently Designed
    Why Brochures?
      • It is very informative.

    With so much legroom to showcase what your business has in store for its prospect buyers, the use of brochure is an excellent way to highlight your product and services in a descriptive and detailed manner.

      • Fast to produce.

    While it is true that you get to personalize every detail in fine paper prints, with just one draft, brochures can be massively produced into hundreds or even thousands of copies. It’s up to you how often you wanted to creation another version or style. It can be per product or service at one occasion or creating variations consistently in a long intervals i.e weekly, biweekly or monthly.

      • Very flexible.

    Brochures are beneficial to any sorts of businesses and to whatever types of industry the latter falls into. Whether you prefer to highlight a single product or feature a newly opened store to descriptive advertisement and special offers.

    • Simply manageable

      Although it is not too small like most post cards or bigger than longer catalogs, it is simply manageable for people to carry around and read through anytime they want. It is not dependent into something like a power provider or internet access, once printed then you can have it presented to the public.

    • Inexpensive.

      Brochure printing is incredibly very inexpensive compared to catalog printing, newspaper ads or even billboards. Through a professionally designed context and content of significant value, it definitely stands out compared to other promotional media.

    • Distributed easily.
    • Upon producing lots of brochure copies, distributing it is actually not a hassle. It can be done through direct mailing but if you wanted to save from postage cost, it can be handed over through workshops, trade shows and seminars; have it displayed at an office desk, waiting area or retail shops, mailed together with a letter or catalog, included in product delivery and many more.

    • Looks Good.
    • Brochures are designed according to how its content should be highlighted. With proper colors and headlines used along with pictures and taglines as well as discount coupons included at its pages, plenty of customers had their interests hooked already which leads to higher sales and revenue.

    Head start your brochure marketing with B2B Ally You can either have your contents read and we’ll do the design or get it printed right away, we got you taken care of.
    Also, our professional graphic designers can put your entire content together with professional artwork on both sides while incorporating a rich color feature and glossy finishes in order to make your brochure marketing journey a splendid one.


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