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Benefits of a Landing Page

You’ve probably heard about how much you need landing pages on your website. You might also know best practices for a landing page and how it differs from your home page. These are all good tidbits to learn.

But if you’re investing all this time and potentially switching up your strategy to building landing pages, you really need to know: What are the benefits of a landing page for a B2B business?

Four main benefits for landing pages are capturing and converting leads, moving leads through the funnel, growing keyword rankings, and gaining insights from A/B testing.


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    Landing Pages
    Directing more visitors into your business website sure is a good sign of generating sales. But is your landing page fully established enough to capture potential leads? If not, you’ll only be wasting traffic which can potentially turn into a sure buyer or business client.
    So let’s get started, what do you think is a Landing Page?
    A landing page is a specific page within your business website where in it aids to capture your site visitors into good leads. It is like a destination page to route them over.
    How does it differ from a home page?
    There are 2 main features of a landing page. One is a display of contact form where it serves to capture the customer’s contact information in exchange for an offer you promised such as an ebook, discounts, freebies and the likes. Second, it serves as a lead generation once site visitors are able to fill up the form provided. But what sets aside a landing page from a home page is that, home page can also present a contact form for lead generation but a landing page does not have any sorts of navigational links or menu pages which can distract customers in filling up the contact form. Landing pages have a sole purpose of generating leads and nothing more. And as a business owner wanting to make a presence online, you ought to have a landing page as a “must have” feature within your website. As part of your email marketing strategy, it is very important to direct your potential customers into a specific landing page in exchange with their information for something you are willing to offer instead of routing them into your homepage. How boring will that be if you do the latter? This is where most companies online make a tremendous mistake in utilizing their site traffic.
    Here’s what B2B Ally can do for you:
    • Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

    Our team of expert web developers ensures a responsive landing page is available for your customers to get accustomed to. When someone is redirected to your landing page, it is very crucial that they have a good interface experience no matter what device they are using.
    Coming up into a page that is unresponsive, prone to errors and is very slow, do you think someone would love to stay and subscribe to your offer? Let our experts take care of that for you then.

    • Traffic Insights

    B2B Ally ensures our client are updated when it comes to traffic insights and not just on how landing pages perform but also the rest of your website pages. Track how your customers interact with your site and we can formulate a much effective internet marketing campaign given the statistics of your site visitors.

    • Functional Web Forms

    Leads are generated upon the submission of your landing page’s contact form. We see to it that the form is functional to avoid any miss.

    • Integrate Social Media Platforms

    While in the process of creating a well-designed landing page, integrating your social media accounts can also be very useful in keeping them informed of the latest updates your business has to share.

    • Search Engine Visibility and Customer Engagement

    Landing pages ought to be appealing to the eyes of your site visitors. What’s more interesting is the option to include pictures and even videos from Youtube or even Wistia, Vimeo and Vidyard. Get them engage and you’re on your way in catching their attention effectively.

    • Get ready to turn subscribers into buyers

    Interested site visitors are already prospect buyers of your products and services. Through better looking landing pages, getting their consent in submitting the form in exchange to something valuable that you can offer – whether it is a free trial of your service or helpful information of a specific topic – is something they voluntarily do.

    Adding a “Buy Now” button can encourage their shopping decisions while they’re at it which can potentially boost your business sales and revenue.


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