What Are the Best Tips for Successful Newsletter Campaigns?

An email newsletter is a great way to build customer loyalty and increase the value of your brand. But only if your subscribers actually sign up and read it.

If your email marketing newsletter is going to be successful, it needs to inspire people to open, read, and act on your email over and over again.

To improve the chances of a highly successful newsletter campaign, follow these four tips.



1. Focus the purpose or goal for the campaign.

You must have a clear and specific target in mind to keep your campaign tight, focused, and in control. Consider the following examples:

  • Improve the open rate from 15% to 25% in the next campaign
  • Generate 50 new orders for a specific product in twenty-four hours
  • Achieve a repeat customer rate of 10% in the next month
  • Drive 500 readers to a specific page on your site in a week

To develop your campaign goals, it may help to use the SMART formula. These goals are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Craft compelling subject lines.

Power Words can increase your open rate by as much as 14 percent. Using the right subject line piques interest, tantalizes, and excites. Here are the top eight subject line formulas to get your emails opened.

3. Write amazing content.

Once you’ve got a reader’s attention, you’ve got exactly eight seconds to prove your value. Learn to write email copy that sells to amplify your conversion rate.

4. Build your efforts around your CTA.

Does your goal rely on a click-through to your site? Make your CTA clear and easy. It helps to start with your CTA and build your email newsletter from there. 


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    Email Newsletter (E-Newsletter) is a sort of publication to effectively market your business digitally. Just like the traditional newsletter, this is a useful way to let your potential customers know when it comes to presenting a new product, encouraging referrals, discounts and other valuable information about your company or business. Topics to consider vary from one niche to another in a form of plain-text, PDF file or HTML format. Playing around with colors, links, videos and images is something an online marketer can do when creating HTML newsletter. But the use of PDF format appears to be much professional and more appealing. What’s beneficial about e-newsletter is its cost effective way of promoting your business towards targeted customers via email. Furthermore, it has lots of great advantages when it comes to keeping the momentum of building brand loyalty and awareness from your audience. Here are some of the most important advantages of using e-newsletters:


      • Cost-Effective

    E-newsletters are sent out digitally, therefore, there are no cost when it comes to paper stocks, printing and postage. The only investment one needs to make is time, although in some cases, is to engage a professional graphic designer to ensure the content is nicely edited; content looks appealing and credible, as well as proper formatting is displayed accordingly no matter what email platform your customer uses, type of device and browser capability. HTML e-newsletters normally get ruined if not formatted well.

    • Traffic

    This is one way of directing traffic towards your business website. Incorporating link/s with your targeted keywords correctly allows your readers to click through it and visit your website accordingly.

    • Targeted Marketing

    E-newsletters are sent out to people who gave their consent of receiving such updates and valuable information from your business site. Hence, these are potential customers who show great interest to the product or service you are offering.

      • Personalized Content

    As e-newsletters are distributed to ideal customers and even partner companies, employees and clients, a personalized content is needed to engage with your audience effectively. Since there is no need to spend on mass production, several versions are needed to fully advertise your newsletter in a pleasing and personalized way possible.

      • Lead Generation

    When someone stumbles across your website, always utilize a sign up form function with a “subscribe to e-newsletter” option at the top and bottom part of your page. Potential customers definitely enter their contact details within the form, which is a good thing to generate leads.

      • Communication

    One way to connect with your clients is to include contact information along with feedback links for any special events, sales and update or even survey forms to enhance excellent customer experience.

    • Added Value

    Compared to traditional advertisements through fine print, TV and radio stations, internet and newspaper sections, advertising your business with added value will definitely stick their attention on your e-newsletter. A customized and well design template can get their attention upon receiving your email newsletter combined it with valuable content from the product and services you offer including great ideas, instructions and tips, pitching in a sale would definitely be a piece of cake.

    If you are uncertain on how to get started, B2B Ally can help you in establishing a well design and effective newsletter. Talk to us and our excellent team of graphic designers and online marketers provides in-depth strategies of creating and distributing email newsletters. If you have a goal in mind, we’re here to listen and implement a marketing plan based on your desired outcome.


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