Post Cards
Post Cards
Introduction to Post Cards
Post Cards are great way for marketing your business. Although it has been already around for quite some time, many fall short into its essence. In 1872, the presence of post cards is mainly on monotone colors not until in 1889 where multi colored ones were printed. However, due to its higher cost, not all business entities are able to make full use of post card marketing. Due to the influence of modern technology, post cards are now one of the most cost effective ways for your business campaign starting from the quality of paper used to rich colors for printing, publication and designs. Compared to direct mails with envelopes, post cards are easy to read becoming a good option to rake in potential customers.

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    Advantages of Post Card Marketing
    • Works for any kind of business.

      Post cards produce significant sales revenue for any kind of business. It is highly beneficial for direct marketers in generating leads and attracting customers to visit retail shops. For online marketers, having the website indicated within the post card definitely increases site traffic which in turn becomes valuable customers.

    • Easy To Read.

      Indeed, post card is very easy to read and doesn’t require to be sealed in an envelope. With lots of people who are always on the go and doesn’t have much time opening a letter, a post card makes it easier for them to catch their attention in just a snap!

    • Incredibly Inexpensive.

      Huge companies and even business starters can easily print postcards with rich color details through a professional print designer around 4 to 8 cents only. With proper customization and well-design layout, B2B Ally can do the job for you without any extra effort on your end. While postage rate is extremely low – falls approximately 23 cents via First Class Mail in the United States following a standard dimension of not larger than 4.25”x6” or at least 3.50”x5”.

    • Conceals Your Marketing Campaign from Competitors.

      As post cards are personally customized to fit your business identity, it is by a far a better option to conceal your marketing campaign away from your competitors compared to the typical mass media presentation, allowing them to see and hear what you’re up to.

    • Eye Catchy.

      Of course, anyone’s attention can be hooked into the details of the post card with one side laid out in full colors, customized in a well-drafted art work and a catchy headline that will surely attract their attention while on the other side is plainly in black and white style. Having said that, it creates a good eye trail for the reader to focus their attention on either side instead of having both sides in full contrasting colors making it very confusing at a first glance. You’ll get surprise how customers will respond tremendously 3 days later it is being sent out. Although some people likes to look at both sides in full colors, you need a professional print designer to do all the work for you, ensuring balance between styles, colors and formatting. If you need help, B2B Ally will save the day for you. Don’t worry we got your back on this!

    Here’s what we can cater for you:
    • High Quality Stock at a very affordable cost
    • Vibrant color details
    • Well design post card finishes
    • 14 pt stock size and a super glossy UV lamination option
    • Customized mailing address with a personalize design option
    • Dimension preferences of 4”x6”, 6”x8.5” and 6”x11” colossal post card types

    B2B Ally are equipped with expert designers with a desire to help your business grow through post card creation. If your competition is relatively high, we highly suggest to get a larger post card type to set you apart from the rest else, a small size post card will do.

    How much is post card printing?

    Think of this, upon ordering an affordable post card creation service, the next step is to mail it yourself in line with your mailing list. But it is very inconvenient especially for business starters which might eventually turn into a much costly option to do.

    B2B Ally cover the post card designing for you along with coming up a long addressing list and do the mailing for you. As we do the bulk work, our post card pricing starts at $289 with postage discounts to get you started.

    Talk to us about your preferences and our staff are ready to hear you out. All you need to do is to let us know your expected output and we’ll do all the work!

    Whether you want to print your ready-made post card designs or order it anew, avail our post card print and designing service through and our dedicated staff will deliver it for you, for whatever industry it might be, with utmost care and excellence.

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