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Help your business grow even offline through Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM. This is a new direct mail marketing program that is powered by USPS in which you get your customized business postcards printed, choose a local postal carrier route to target your ideal customers and let them blast your fine prints door to door.

You don’t need to gather all the names and addresses within the area nor getting a permit to send it in bulk unlike most couriers do. It is very simple compared to the traditional way of sending direct mails from one place to another.


Here are great advantages on why you need to consider EDDM to expand your business’ identity:

    • Cost-effective.

Although rates will apply upon using the EDDM approach, it is significantly lesser in cost compared to standard mailing system not to mention its less hassle way of boosting your business prominence which surely paves way in the long run.

    • Generate more revenue.

Who doesn’t want sales? Even if you’re just getting started and the size of your business is relatively small compared to well-establish firms, the use of EDDM has effectively enhanced the growth of customers at some business practicing this approach.

    • Minimal Competition.

With inflation happening all around, most companies avoid spending too much and are cutting off even the most important aspect – marketing

    • Doesn’t require a mailing list.

Yes, EDDM is a very hassle free way of mailing potential customers without you having to create a long list of names and their addresses compared to how traditional direct mail works.

Within a certain area, an average of 85% its population are customers who prefer spending their dime with 5 miles from their homes, as state on BizReport April 2010 issue. Which means, targeting local residences are most likely your ideal customers.

So, which industries can benefit greatly from EDDM? Here are top business in which EDDM works best for them:


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      • Dentistry
      • Restaurant Menu
      • Home Improvement i.e House
      • Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning etc
      • Dry Cleaners
      • Beauty Salons & Spa
      • Real Estate
      • Chiropractic
      • Automatic i.e Oil Change, Tire Shops, Auto Repair etc.
      • Fitness
      • Nonprofits i.e Churches
      • Taxes (Seasonal)
    By following USPS instructions in using the EDDM program, you’re on the right track to keep up with this new direct mail marketing.
        • Quantity – a selection of number of pieces before it is being mailed
        • Size – the dimensions for the materials should be at least 6.125” height and 11.5” width but it must not exceed 12”x15”.
        • Mailing Route – where your print materials are to be delivered.
    Why some business does not progress well with EDDM?
    The use of EDDM is highly advantageous for businesses that are of the public’s essential needs such as auto repairs, food, dental etc. but targeting the wrong people will put your postage at harm as not everyone desires what you offer especially when it comes to high end properties, trombone repair, child care etc.
    Even when getting a large sum of pieces, EDDM retail costs $0.16 each piece and these flats should not weigh more than 3.3 oz. Compared to a standard size letter mail, a saving of 7 cents each can be achieves and 3 cents savings for first class postage over 4×6 postcard sizes. It’s actually a huge saving if we’re talking thousands of pieces here.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I design postcard for EDDM?

    Yes. You have the flexibility to customize your postcard design that fits your business presence as long as EDDM requirements are met. If you need help editing your postcards, we can design it for you to ensure standards are followed.

    Can I request not to include some address for my EDDM postcard delivery?

    No. As per USPS’s policy, there’s no option to nitpick certain address. But we can provide a targeted mailing list that is custom-tailored to your preference.

    Is EDDM BMEU same as EDDM Retail?

    No. EDDM Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) is a direct mail marketing too but requires a mailing permit and delivers in bulk. However, it is a little more flexible when it comes to preferences on what can be mailed. While EDDM Retail does not have any mailing permit and is limited to standard flats or also known as postcards, flyers etc with a maximum of 5,000 copies for delivery daily.

    What is the average delivery time for EDDM postage?

    Delivery time is actually base on USPS standard wait time for direct mail which is always 3 to 10 days depending on holidays and weekends. USPS considers delivery beyond 14 days to be late.

    How to apply for EDDM?

    This is how we step into the picture. B2B Ally will cater your EDDM needs to get your started into local marketing and target your ideal customers.

    Is there a discount for non-profit businesses?

    Sadly no but EDDM is still much affordable compared to the Standard Non-Profit Direct Mail cost.

    Is EDDM Business Gateway still accessible?

    Yes. If you are a previous user, you can still access USPS EDDM Business Gateway here.


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